Beacon Hill Capital (BHC), an Institutional Division of Compass Securities Corporation, is a leading investment firm specializing in the Affordable Housing industry. Throughout its 25 year history, BHC has developed an unparalleled franchise by utilizing its broad base of specialized industry knowledge to the benefit of its sponsors and investors. BHC believes that strategic diversification across a wide range of Affordable Housing sponsors has been a major contributor to the long-term, superior investment record achieved by BHC's clients across economic cycles.

BHC is an independently owned firm whose current management team, in place since 1986, collectively has more than 100 years of investment experience. The firm has developed a major platform by investing exclusively in the Affordable Housing industry, helping clients invest approximately $10 billion in equity.

BHC generally targets investments in Affordable Housing funds with values in the $100 to $250 million range. BHC's investor base is entirely institutional and consists primarily of major corporations, banks and insurance companies.

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Excellence in performance for 25 Years

The Tax Reform Act of 1986 created the Affordable Housing Tax Credit program. Congress made the program permanent in 1993 and expanded it in 2000.

The Affordable Housing Tax Credit program is the largest program funded by the Federal government for both new construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing.


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