About BHC

Beacon Hill Capital is an Institutional Division of Compass Securities Corporation, member FINRA SIPC.

Beacon Hill Capital (BHC) was established in early 1986. We were present at the creation of the Affordable Housing Tax Credit program. Since early 1987, BHC has focused entirely on the institutional tax credit investment area and has helped corporations invest in excess of $10 billion in the Affordable Housing Tax Credit industry.

BHC provides investors with independent and objective information on the most experienced Tax Credit sponsors and highest quality investment programs. Our services include sponsor review, program selection, portfolio management and performance review. Additionally, we have also been engaged to value portfolios to facilitate secondary market transfers.

BHC is an information-based organization that helps clients make informed investment decisions.


Beacon Hill Capital's Philosophy

BHC is not a captive agent of any one sponsor.

BHC objectively seeks to find suitable investment ideas to meet our client's risk/reward parameters.

High Quality
BHC advises corporate investors to build lower risk/high quality portfolios by focusing on proven sponsors who have demonstrated the ability to meet and exceed their projections.

BHC seeks to manage risk by working with the most experienced, best performing and financially viable sponsors in the industry.

Diversification and Liquidity
We help clients build well-diversified portfolios of tax credit investments that have also proven to be the most liquid in the secondary market.

Beacon Hill Capital's Process
  • We act as a consultative agent on our client's behalf to help them meet their investment objectives

  • We perform investment analysis at three key levels: Sponsor, Fund and Portfolio

  • We monitor industry trends such as: Pricing/Yields, Product Structure and Secondary Market Activity

  • Beacon Hill Capital has successfully managed the placement of more than $10 billion of both guaranteed and non-guaranteed tax credit equity for our investors.

We work with clients to help them:

  • Understand the risks and rewards of investing in Affordable Housing

  • Define their tax credit investment objectives and constraints

  • Select suitable tax credit sponsors and programs

  • Monitor the sponsors, programs and their portfolio on an ongoing basis

  • Value tax credit portfolios for secondary market resale opportunities






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